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USB-C Cable 540 Degree Magnetic Suction Rotary 3 In 1 

USB-C Cable 540 Degree Magnetic Suction Rotary 3 In 1 

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Cable Length
USB-C Cable 540 Degree Magnetic Suction Rotary 3 In 1 
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Product name
540° Searchlight Magnetic Suction Rotary Cable
0.5 m /1 m /2 m /3 m 
Wire gauge
45/0.08*2C OD:3.2mm nylon braiding
Aluminum Alloy Case, TPE Environment-Friendly Adhesive Material, Pure Copper Wire Core, Blue LED Indicator
For devices
Android Micro, Type-C

Product Feature:

1. Convenient charging: strong magnetic blind suction automatic calibration docking charging, one second absorption, instant charging
2. Protective interface: magnetic suction is unpluggable, protecting the mobile phone interface
3. Multi-use: It supports all models of Android Micro, Type-C and other options, and is compatible with all mobile phones
4. One-handed operation: no traditional alignment jack charging is required, reducing the risk of charging while driving
5. Night indication: With breathing light, you can quickly find the magnetic suction line to charge your mobile phone in the dark
6. Dustproof function: magnetic suction head acts as dustproof plug

Warm Prompt:

1. The quick charging described in the main picture of this product refers to: it supports the quick charging of other 5V2A with QC3.0 charger, and it only supports ordinary charging for Type-C interface and Android interface phones.
2. This type of magnetic suction cable does not support data transmission

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